East Alborz Zalsang Mining Company

The East Alborz Coal Mines Company was established in 1970. Its field of activity is in the east of the Alborz Mountains, which, along with the mines in the central Alborz and Kerman basins, was covered by the National Iranian Steel Company.

 The main activities of the company include exploration, exploitation of mines and processing of coal to supply part of the concentrate required by Isfahan Steel.
With the expansion of coal mining, the need to establish independent companies in this area was felt and this company became responsible for the exploration, exploitation and processing of coal in the eastern part of the Alborz Mountains.

East Alborz Coal Company Policy

East Alborz Coal Mining Company, in order to realize its strategies, while paying attention to the quantitative and qualitative development of products and paying attention to the principle of satisfaction of all stakeholders and protection of employees, considers it necessary to have standard and efficient quality management systems. In order to establish and continuously improve the standard systems of quality management, safety and occupational health and environment, is defined as follows and is committed to the following:

۱- Legal, customer, standard and intra-organizational requirements (directives and instructions).

۲- Exchanging information with customers and stakeholders and trying to satisfy them

۳- Preservation and protection of the environment in all activities in order to prevent pollution.

۴- Employees’ health and prevention of creating potentially dangerous conditions for them.

۵. Minimize safety, occupational health and environmental risks from manufacturing activities as little as possible.

۶- Maintaining quality indicators and quantitative product upgrades by increasing production tonnage, coal processing efficiency and recycling of low-grade depots

۷- Improving the level of organizational knowledge of employees by establishing a system of knowledge management and continuous training.

۸- Exchanging information with employees and gaining their satisfaction.

۹- Carrying out research and development in order to make optimal use of the reserves of mines and their assets.

۱۰- Carrying out research in the field of business activities and implementation of quick-return projects.

۱۱- Establishing a change management system to streamline the organization and strengthen the expert view of employees.

۱۲- Supporting the purchase of quality items to increase safety and production and save time, energy and financial resources.

۱۳- Development and exploration operations with the aim of increasing production potentials in mines, implementation of mining equipment and exploitation projects with full supervision.

۱۴- Improving and developing the company’s infrastructure in order to achieve strategies and continue economic activity with the aim of continuous improvement.

۱۵- Continuous monitoring of financial activities for proper budgeting by calculating the cost price of the product.


Knowing that the realization of the mentioned cases requires the participation of the management and all employees, this company, with the help of God Almighty and adhering to the principles and foundations of this policy, uses all its power to fulfill the announced provisions

Mines and company centers

کارخانه زغالشویی

کارخانه زغالشویی

معدن زغالسنگ طزره

معدن زغالسنگ طزره

معدن زغالسنگ رضی

معدن زغالسنگ رضی

معدن زغالسنگ تخت

معدن زغالسنگ تخت

ستاد مرکزی

ستاد مرکزی

ناحیه صنعتی شهید حاجی قاسمی

ناحیه صنعتی شهید حاجی قاسمی

Production ۰
Tons of coal concentrate per year

One of the most active and influential economic enterprises in the region in coal production

The goals of the company in 2020

۱- Production of concentrate coal at least in the amount of 200,000 tons

۲- Coal washing plant efficiency equal to 51%

۳- Maintaining the company’s product portfolio

۴- Increase of the company’s income from the sale of services by 30% compared to last year 

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