The goals of the company in 2020


۱- Production of concentrate coal at least in the هزینه of 200,000 tons

۲- Coal washing plant efficiency equal to 51%

۳- Maintaining the company’s product portfolio

۴- Increasing the company’s revenue from the sale of services by 30% compared to last year

۵- Satisfying the customer by maintaining quality indicators

A) Plastometry: more than 13 mm b) Ash: less than 13%

C) Humidity: less than 11.5% d) Volatiles: 30-22%

E) Sulfur: less than 1.20%                                  

۶- Reduction of work-related accidents by 5% compared to the average of the last 2 years:

Security section:   

– Incident recurrence coefficient: 9/51 – Incident severity coefficient: 1.71

Contract section: 

– Incident recurrence rate: 15.59 – Incident severity coefficient: 6.99

۷- Increasing preventive measures to prevent occupational diseases by 5% compared to last year

۸- Improving the level of organizational knowledge of employees

A) By achieving educational effectiveness for the security sector

           – ۹۰% for HSE related courses

           – At the rate of 75% for other courses

B) Execution of at least 80% of the program announced by the company’s training for contractors

۹- Promoting measures to streamline the organization and strengthen the expertise of employees by trying to receive the plan and implement at least 70% of the approved plans in order to manage the change and continuous improvement of systems

۱۰- Preservation and protection of the environment

A) Maintaining the existing green space and increasing the green space by 10% compared to last year

B) Increase of preventive measures to control and reduce environmental pollutants by 5% compared to last year

۱۱- Optimal use of energy resources

A) Optimization in the هزینه of electricity consumption with a decrease of 5% compared to last year and the maximum energy consumption of 104.88 kWh per ton of concentrate produced in the company

B) Optimization in the consumption of other energy sources (kerosene and diesel) with a 5% reduction in consumption compared to last year and a maximum consumption of 12.35 liters per ton of concentrate produced in the company

۱۲- Optimization and control of water consumption by perforدقیقهg the steps of installing water meters at least 50% at the company level

۱۳- Measures to establish a performance management system

A) Continue to lay the groundwork for the establishment of the organization’s performance management system and perform at least 80% of the relevant affairs

B) Increase employee satisfaction by 10% compared to last year

۱۴- Implementing at least 10% of development plans and exploration operations

۱۵- Reforدقیقهg, developing and modifying the company’s infrastructure

A) 70% increase in the development of safer communication and more secure data storage

B) Reconstruction of dilapiتاریخd buildings with at least 2 units, reconstruction of access roads to دقیقهes, gas supply to coal plant and creation of internal networks

C) Renovation of at least 10% of tunnel transportation equipment

۱۶- Increase revenue by 20%, reduce costs by 20% and profitability by 20% compared to last year